The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) takes stock of 2013 as the year draws to a close and says that there are reasons for pride on the part of the outdoor industry for what was achieved over the past 12 months. EOCA gained 31 new members in the course of this year, generating 39 percent growth in the membership. It also reached 2,500 followers on Facebook and 500 followers on Twitter, showing the rising interest of consumers in what the organization is doing.

EOCA, a charity bringing together 110 companies in the outdoor industry, raises money for grassroots conservation groups that protect, enhance and restore the wild spaces, which are key to outdoor enthusiasts.

In 2013, the association brought the total spent on conservation since 2006 to over €1.26 million and is on track to reach €2 million by 2016. The organization has already allocated €200,000 for conservation projects due to be funded in the coming year.

In 2014, EOCA will also launch a second annual voting round, meaning that there will be two opportunities each year for projects to apply for funding and two annual opportunities for the association to communicate with consumers about its members and its funding through the voting. During the spring 2013 voting round, the association reached over nine million people placing 57,000 votes for conservation.

The European Outdoor Conservation Association is funded by memberships and other fundraising activities within the outdoor industry. Membership is open to anyone who can demonstrate an involvement in the outdoor industry. Membership fees go 100 percent to the support of environmental conservation projects.