Ten more companies and brands have joined the European Conservation Association (Eoca). Here is the list:

- Pinguin, one of the oldest Czech producers of camping and other outdoor equipment;

- Ultralight Outdoor Gear, a British distributor of outdoor products;

- 333 Media, a Dutch media agency that is a media partner of Eoca;

- Proagencies, a British agency specializing in the outdoor and travel markets;

- Bergstop, a Swiss brand of multi-functional clothing and equipment;

- Wildo, a brand of functional, lightweight camping products from Sweden;

- Moose – The Alpine Spirit, a new brand of natural spirit drinks;

- PT Tasindo Tassa Industries, a load hauler and supplier of soft bags;

- Waka Waka, a Dutch supplier of solar lamps, chargers and panels;

- Frost Guiding Courses, an organizer of guided mountaineering holidays.

Many of these companies already do a lot for the environment. Moose donated one euro for every bottle it sells to conservation projects in the mountains.

Eoca collects funds for outdoor conservation projects in different ways. It has begun to organize the next round of fund-raising at the next Ispo Munich show at the end of January, where its members are invited to donate products to finance its projects.