The European brand manager appointed by Ex Officio last year has started to spread the outdoor apparel brand owned by Jarden Corp. Marcus Ehlig is backed up by the European infrastructure of the Marmot brand owned by the same group but selling directly to retailers, instead of leaning on Marmot's sales force.

Ex Officio describes itself as an adventure travel brand with a wide range of underwear, shirts and pants, but the European brand manager is focusing on the insect shield protection range. Another of the brand's specialties is fly fishing, since it was established by fly fishermen and is known among them for the Air Strip shirt (a combination of a shirt and a vest, with details that are handy for fly fishermen).

Ex Officio has been taken up so far by retailers in Italy, Switzerland, the U.K. and Germany, with Belgium and France to start in the coming months. The customers range from Globetrotter in Germany to fly fishing specialists in Belgium.

Ehlig previously worked in product development and sales support for Marmot. He is based at Marmot's office in Nürnberg and using the same brand's warehouse in Römerberg, Germany.