Accell Group, Europe’s leading premium bicycle supplier, has announced that its supervisory board intends to nominate Luc Volatier and Eugénie van Wiechen as new members. Following their nomination, the new board members will be appointed at the annual general meeting on April 21 for a period of four years until 2025. As his current third and final term of office ends, Peter Ernsting will step down from the board after the general meeting.

While Volatier is foreseen as Ernsting’s successor, the Accell Group’s supervisory board intends to increase the number of board members from four to five with the nomination of van Wiechen. This is to complement further and build on the board’s vast experience, ensure a better allocation of responsibilities and support the Accell Group’s commitment to diversity in leadership. The works councils support both nominations and have not recommended any other candidates.

Based on his knowledge, experience and personality, Volatier is seen as a solid replacement for Ernsting and secures his competencies. The nomination of van Wiechen is based on her extensive knowledge of corporate strategy and digital transformations and her extensive experience as an executive in several companies.