Bernat Clarella resigned as sales director of Camp Base at the end of 2019, after a year in the job. He remains an advisor to the Catalonian outdoor retail chain. Clarella was in the past country manager (Spain and Andorra) for Edelrid, sales coordinator for Garmont shoes and country manager (Iberian Peninsula) for Millet. Camp Base had an expansive 2018, taking over as many stores as it had ever opened since its founding in 2009. Specifically, it took over the Interperie store in Barcelona, two Aresta stores in Olot and Girona, and the Aralar Kirolak store in Tolosa. Last year, it added a further store, the former Izadi in San Sebastián, whose owner retired. As a result, Camp Base is currently the top banner in Spain’s mountain sector by total points of sale. Barrabés Esquí y Montaña still has an edge in total floor space. Camp Base also operates two e-commerce platforms, one under its own name and the other under the Aresta brand.