Granger's, the U.K.-based supplier of maintenance products for outdoor-related equipment, footwear and apparel, has set up a joint venture with a German company offering complementary products, BNS Bergal, Nico & Solitaire Vertriebs GmbH. Based in Mainz, Germany, the partnership aims to strengthen Granger's distribution in Austria and Germany.However, the tie-up will go beyond distribution: For the first time, the two companies will have a joint booth at Ispo Munich to display their products. On top of that, the two partners have already developed products together. They will be presented in Munich, notably a range of insoles for outdoor footwear.For 2012, Granger's posted total sales of €11.4 million compared with €5.6 million three years before. The company had to expand its warehouse, located in Alfreton near Manchester, by 1,200 square meters to meet the growing demand. The company grew both in the U.K. and internationally. Granger's considers the positive development to also be a reward from retailers for its efforts to meet the Bluesign standard for ecological sustainability. Granger's joined Bluesign as a so-called system partner as early as 2007. Currently, 90 percent of the company's product lines meet that standard and Granger's is working to reach 100 percent in the years to come.