Lorpen, the Spanish maker of technical socks, has added 7,500 square feet at its factory in Mexico and is working on expanding both its Mexican and Spanish production facilities by 17 percent with new higher-tech knitting machines. In addition, Lorpen has made some staffing changes to help the company expand. Colin Sanders is the new director of global business development, where he will work on developing new products, evaluating potential growth segments and work with suppliers worldwide. He's been with the company for 12 years, and will also continue in his role heading up the North American group. David Uria joins Lorpen as the company's industrial director. He will work from Spain but focus on expanding the Mexican facilities. Bruce Barrows is the new vice president for sales and marketing for North America, with a goal of unifying the sales and marketing materials for trade and consumers. In addition, Matt Swanson is now North American operational sales manager, helping Lorpen retailers become more efficient through operations, customer service and sales.