(SGI) The Swedish outdoor company Haglöfs has not had a chief executive since November 2019, when Carsten Unbehaun left to become the new CEO of Asics EMEA. The vacancy has finally been filled by its global sales director, Fredrik Ohlsson. In his new role, Ohlsson will continue the brand’s ongoing transformation into a more consumer-oriented and digital company and further advance topics like sustainability. Ohlsson has said that his aim is to secure continuous growth and follow the 2022 strategy, with increased consumer and sustainability focus. He and Unbehaun worked together closely to develop the plan. As part of the 2022 strategy, Haglöfs launched online shops in eight new markets last year and invested in stationary retail by opening three stores. The increased focus on direct-to-consumer distribution was a significant shift for Haglöfs, but has proved very successful and supported the company’s growth in all markets and channels, according to Ohlsson. Product development has also accelerated. Despite his move to Asics, Haglöfs’ parent since 2010, Unbehaun will remain Haglöfs’ chairman of the board. He was appointed CEO of Haglöfs in January 2018, after holding various positions at Asics since 2002.