Nilit, a supplier of high-quality nylon 6.6 for apparel and owner of the sustainable consumer brand Sensil, announced that Sagee Aran will lead product development and marketing initiatives, and Michelle Lea has joined the company to lead global marketing programs. As chief innovation and sustainability officer, Aran will expand the Senil portfolio to include environmentally sustainable, high-performance and fashionable value-added products and drive execution through partnerships with mills, brands and retailers. Lea, the new VP of global marketing, brings brand marketing expertise gained from leading functional fabric and apparel brands at W. L. Gore and Reebok. She will continue to work on marketing Senil nylon products.

Nilit recently launched several nylon products from the Sensil portfolio. According to the company, Senil BioCare is specially formulated to rapidly decompose under anaerobic conditions in water and landfills, positively impacting the persistence of textile waste, particularly in the oceans. Sensil WaterCare eliminates 100 percent of the water, chemical, energy and pollution risks associated with traditional wet textile dyeing.