Polygiene said its revenues grew in the first quarter of 2020, despite production being halted across Asia due to the coronavirus outbreak. According to preliminary estimates, the Swedish company’s sales rose by 4.3 percent from the year-ago quarter, which the management partly attributed to the group being able to deliver deferred February orders in March. It added that it has not witnessed any reduction in the number of orders so far, and sales remain strong. In particular, it has witnessed a tremendous increase in interest in products with antiviral properties.

At the end of March, the company announced that an order of scrubs for O’Neills of Northern Ireland would be treated with Polygiene biostatic Stays Fresh technology after the sportswear producer received a request from the health trust. The anti-bacterial Polygiene finish used by O’Neills for its sportswear has also proved to be ideal for surgical scrubs, as it is active against both bacteria and viruses.

At the start of April, the company launched ViralOff, a fabric treatment with antiviral properties. The application of this technology ranges from medical equipment and wear, like scrubs and uniforms, to consumer products where antiviral properties make sense, like face masks, gloves and other crucial products. ViralOff was made available immediately in most markets. The management anticipates follow-up orders from previous orders for masks and scrubs.

To handle strong demand, the company has strengthen its organization and brought in Andreas Holm to focus on the new product. He previously worked as Nordic & Baltic sales director for Thule Group.