Globetrotter Ausrüstung, the Hamburg-based retailer, has opened a Globetrotter Lodge in Hüttener Berge, a nature park in the north of Germany. The hotel has conference and training facilities attached and offers outdoor programs, training courses and workshops along with accommodation. Also, the lodge offers organized tours in the surrounding area and Scandinavia. These can be used in teambuilding exercises involving climbing, raft building, archery and geocaching.

Andreas Bartmann, managing partner of the retail chain, told this publication that the lodge has basically three targets. First, it will be a training center for some 1,600 Globetrotter employees and about 15 percent of the estate's annual capacity is reserved for this purpose. Second, the company will organize outdoor events and testing weekends for customers as part of the group's customer relationship program. Third, the facility and its related services are available for companies to rent for corporate seminars, staff training, strategy meetings and customer events. The main target groups in this context are companies from the northern German region initially, but also vendors that may be interested in the Globetrotter Lodge for their sales meetings and other conventions.

Bartmann said that the calendar of the new facility is already packed with about diverse 100 events, from corporate meetings  to weddings, family gatherings and so on. The investment in the new facility was some €11 million. The management points out that it aims to run the lodge in a profitable way with a potential of annual turnover of between €2-3 million to start with.