Effective end of August, Globetrotter Ausrüstung, Germany's leading outdoor specialty chain, will no longer be in charge of Jack Wolfskin's internet shop. For nearly a decade, the retailer has been handling the brand's e-commerce business in connection with the fulfillment, returns and service of the orders.

Jack Wolfskin described the long partnership as a ground-breaking move at the time when only few believed that a single-brand catalog and/or retail website in the outdoor sector could work and be profitable. The long-lasting partnership of the vendor and its retail customer seemed to be successful, thanks to the retailer's instated logistics and IT system.

For many years, Globetrotter also ran Wolfskin's warehouse until the brand decided to have its own stock management a few years ago. Germany's leading outdoor brand has now decided to part ways for a few reasons. Jack Wolfskin has been busy moving its entire international business to a higher level, including e-commerce. Globetrotter plays an important role in mail-order retailing in Germany and Austria, but not necessarily beyond.

Further, Jack Wolfskin is eager to fully use the opportunities of multi-channel retailing in connection with its own and franchised stores and therefore, it makes sense for the vendor to operate e-commerce itself.

Both parties emphasize that their intense business relations remain the same on all other aspects of their partnership. Among other commitments, the chain intends to continue offering a wide range of paw-branded products through its brick-and-mortar stores, its regular catalog and through globetrotter.de, the retailer's e-commerce site. Additionally, no changes are planned for Jack Wolfskin's franchised stores in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne, which are run by Globetrotter.