Glorify Unbreakable signed up its 1,000th “business rebel” in early June as part of a crowd-funding campaign to help launch the Austrian sports and outdoor eyewear more deeply into the international market. Through the campaign, which kicked off in September 2017, the company's inventor and business owner, Christian Egger, was hoping to raise €250,000 to help expand into the Benelux, German and Italian markets. At the OutDoor trade show in Friedrichshafen, Egger said the company had been overwhelmed with the support, having raised €650,000 in the eight months to June. For €100, €500 or €1000, investors have been able to buy a piece of a small company that wants to take on the behemoths of the eyewear industry, in exchange for a share of the annual profits and a range of merchandising enticements. Egger said he planned to invest part of the money in building a four-person sales team in Germany. The next step will be the organization of a “Rebels Night,” a party for all the Rebel business investors. The intention is not only to thank them, but to create an “army of ambassadors” who are emotionally attached to Glorify's patented unbreakable eyewear.