Some French suppliers exhibiting at this week's OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen will present prototypes of sleeping bags, trail-running garments and other products coated with a special bioceramic powder, labelled Gold Refect Line, that is said to improve performance in a variety of outdoor activities by capturing the “far infrared” radiation from the sun and from the body, while filtering out the sun's direct radiation. The system gives back the energy it absorbs, improving blood circulation and muscle oxygenation, while eliminating many toxins.

According to Thiery Heim of HT Concept, the French textile converter who is licensing the technology under the Gold Reflect Line label, other benefits are better thermoregulation for the body, improved balance, better recovery from fatigue and a general feeling of well-being. He points to tests that have proven these benefits as well as the better quality derived from his coating processes compared with the embedding of zirconium dioxide in the yarn of the fabrics.

Lestra and Raidlight Vertical are displaying some of the products using this technology at their stands at the OutDoor show, along with those of two other licensees, M68 Bioceramic by Alain Miran's design studio for first-layer garments and Bionec Design for footwear.

Their products have already been tested by well-known athletes such as Jean-Baptiste Roussat, a French ultratrail-running champion; Jason Lamy-Chapuis, the French Nordic ski champion; Stéphane Peterhansel, ten times winner of Paris-Dakar automotive race; Tessa Worley, a leader of the French ski team, and other professional runners, skiers, cyclists, motorcyclists and automotive racers.

Garments treated with Gold Reflect Line are also used by the pilots of the French Army.

Other companies have recently adopted HT Concept's Gold Reflect Line lamination or printing process, which also ensures breathability, on a variety of cellulosic or synthetic fabrics. Quiksilver, for example, will have some softshells and the linings of some snowboard jackets and pants coated with Gold Reflect Line, and Heim is talking to two other very important brands.

Gold Rreflect Line is described as a compound of 20 different metallic oxides extracted from volcanic rock, using a recipe invented by a French chemist. The powder is manufactured in a special Italian laboratory and coated in the Vosges region of France.