WL Gore & Associates showcased the latest version of its Gore-Tex Active fabric and other recent developments from its Gore Fabrics division, including the latest weather-protective technologies for running shoes, at Outdoor Retailer, the trade show held in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 26-29.

Garments using the newest version of the Gore-Tex Active material will be available from manufacturers for spring 2018. The Gore-Tex Active fabric is described as an utterly breathable and comfortable three-layer product thanks to an innovative combination of membrane construction and backers, which helps reduce weight by 20 percent. Garments made with Gore-Tex Active fabric weigh potentially less than 200 grams. According to the company, the products made with Gore-Tex Active are also the most breathable in the Gore-Tex range, and are especially suitable for highly aerobic, done-in-a-day activities. The Gore-Tex Active technology eliminates the face fabric, preventing absorption of water in order to maintain comfort in high-intensity activities. Garments retain these qualities during use, allowing wearers to avoid the chilling effect that can result from a wetted outer-face fabric. The garment also dries out fast.

The new Gore Invisible Fit footwear technology, also on display at Outdoor Retailer, will be available to consumers starting this autumn. The technology integrates the Gore-Tex membrane into road running shoes while making them feel as fit as regular road running shoes, according to Gore. The membrane has been designed so as to bond to a variety of athletic uppers and to perfectly match to the shoe's upper material. The wearer's feet are said to remain dry and comfortable even in the most inclement weather conditions thanks to reduced water pick-up, reduced weight and faster drying times. The Gore Invisible Fit technology will be expanding with additional manufacturer partners for spring 2018.

Gore also showed other recent innovations for garments and footwear at OR. These include expanding availability of its Shakedry waterproof fabric, as well as expanding consumer availability of the newest iteration of Gore-Tex Surround footwear technology, which features openings in the side of the sole to offer 360-degree breathability.