The skyrocketing trend toward apparel based on Merino wool remains unbroken and attracts more and more new brands. The latest specialty brand for this offer comes from Italy and is called Rewoolution. It was founded one year ago outside Biella by Successori Reda, owned by the Botto Poala family.

The young brand's hook is that it offers 100 percent oil-free products without any combination with synthetic materials such as Lycra and others. The new brand addresses enthusiasts of any outdoor activities such as hiking, running, walking and climbing. Currently the collection concentrates on base layers, but second layers are also available.

Successori Reda has a lot of experience in wool, providing fabrics to big companies such as Armani and Hugo Boss. Most of the offer is based on wool, but the Italian company also has a smaller offer of Kashmir products. It also runs two sheep farms in New Zealand where it has full control of the ecological footprint of the resources, but these two farms satisfy only some 3 percent of Reda's entire demand of Merino wool. The company says that it is the only wool mill in the world certified under the EMAS standard.

Currently, Rewoolution has distributors in Italy and the German-speaking countries, but aims to expand quickly into Scandinavia, the U.K., Eastern Europe and the U.S.