The My Challenge project has recently enabled 13 teenagers from Friedrich Junge School in Großhansdorf, Germany to experience a 10-day trek through the Alps to Italy, via Austria. The project was organized in partnership with Primaloft and supported by The North Face. This was the first initiative to be awarded an #itsgreatoutthere grant. The 8th grade students, accompanied by their teachers, hiked the E5 route from Oberstorf in Germany to Meran/Bozen in Italy. Participants hiked for up to 10 hours a day and slept in mountain huts.

The It's Great Out There Coalition expects to confirm more grants in the near future. The #itsgreatoutthere grants can be awarded to non-profit organizations for projects that involve people of all ages and from any background, although the coalition is actually prioritizing the ideas that allow young people to access the outdoors for the first time. Special attention is given to those who live in circumstances that make it difficult for them to access hills and mountains. The coalition advises potential applicants to partner with movers in the outdoor industry such as brands, retailers and activity providers, especially those who are members of the coalition. The grants, which range between €1,000 and €5,000, are limited to one per organization. Projects that can demonstrate sustainability are particularly welcome.