First in Line: Early Technology Adopters Across the Globe

Analysis of Early Technology Adopters Around the Globe

Technology inspires a singular passion among a certain subset of consumers: one that crosses international borders and a range of product categories. If many consumers are happy to wait until their smartphone breaks or their contract ends to secure a replacement, others are willing to camp outside in the cold winter weather just to upgrade to the latest and most powerful device. But who are these dedicated, highly engaged technophiles – and how can brands effectively target them?

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YouGov Plan & Track data reveals that almost a fifth (18%) of consumers across 25 global markets are early adopters of technology – with 9% saying they’re “actively on the lookout” for new devices and services, and 9% saying they’re “always keen” to use new products as soon as they’re available.

This white paper examines the demographics, behaviours, and preferences of this potentially lucrative group in six nations: France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Great Britain, and the US. Among other things, it explores how early adopters and more mainstream consumer groups perceive 5G, smart home technology, wearables, and digital assistants in these key markets – whether they are excited, indifferent, or even concerned about these technologies.


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