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Online marketplaces – highly dynamic, complex and disruptive

The last months of the pandemic have clearly shown the (system) relevance of online marketplaces in global e-commerce. However, anyone who talks about marketplaces today, and thus thinks only of Amazon and eBay, fails to appreciate the complexity and dynamics of this market. With their study “Marketplace World 2020”, gominga is now shedding light on the subject for the first time and providing an important basis for discussion for business and politics.

Gominga Marketplace study

Even before the outbreak of the corona pandemic, it was clear that the age of platforms had dawned, and online marketplaces were becoming increasingly relevant. COVID-19 further reinforces and accelerates this trend. The boom now includes an enormous number of providers and offers a wide range of potential. In total, more than 480 players worldwide and more than 170 in the GSA region operate various marketplace models. This means that the number of players in the Germany-Austria-Switzerland region (GSA) alone has more than doubled in the last five years. On a global level, the growth figures as well as the dynamics of change and innovation are also remarkable.

This is an English short version of the study “DIE MARKTPLATZWELT 2020”. The original German version has been published by gominga in May 2020.

Author: Christian Driehaus, Co-Founder gominga eServices GmbH


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