The Fenix Outdoor Group is extensively rejigging its management to allow Martin Nordin to focus more intensely on the strategic development of the Swedish-based group of outdoor brands and retail banners.

Fenix Outdoor announced that a management change is planned to take place at its shareholders' meeting next year, with Nordin's nomination as executive chairman and his resignation as president of the group. This change is paired with the retirement of Sven Stork, the chairman of the group's board of directors – although it's not a direct replacement, since Stork is a non-executive chairman.

The president's function is to be taken over by Alex Koska, who is currently one of the group's three vice-presidents, in charge of global sales. Koska switched from Salewa to the Fenix group in 2007 and was placed in charge of global sales five years ago. Koska remains in charge of global sales but he will take on unspecified extra tasks that are currently covered by Nordin, who is the son of the group's founder, Åke Nordin.

At the same time, Martin Axelhed, who is currently vice president in charge of the brands segment, will take up a new position as the Fenix group's executive vice president, but his tasks remain unchanged.

Koska's appointment means that he will also be replaced as managing director at Hanwag, the German footwear company owned by Fenix. This function, which Koska has held temporarily for less than two years, will be taken over at the start of 2018 by Thomas Gröger, the country manager for the Fjällräven brand in Germany. Gröger's remit had already been widened three years ago, when he became international sales and export manager and deputy managing director of Fjällräven.

Gröger has driven significant growth for the outdoor apparel brand in Germany for the last seven years – he swaps the supervision of the group's largest brand in its largest market, with the global leadership of a smaller group brand. At Hanwag, Gröger will have overall responsibility for development, production and operations, as well as international distribution and marketing. He is already very familiar with the brand, since Fjällräven Germany is located in the same complex as the international head office for Hanwag.

In turn, Gröger's function as country manager for Fjällräven in Germany is to be taken over at the start of 2018 by Lars Ryslev. He has been with the group in Denmark for many years, starting as marketing and distribution manager for the Fjällräven brand, then expanding his remit to other brands to become managing director of Fenix Outdoor in Denmark. Kasper Holmboe filled the Danish managing director's function. He has been with Fenix Outdoor Denmark since 2008 as sales manager for the region Jutland.