The Italian maker of outdoor shoes and apparel has presented its first sustainability report, a 60-page document highlighting its corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets and achievements. The company, which was founded back in 1928, has been based in Val di Fiemme ever since. Its special location, at the foothill of the Dolomites, has contributed to making sustainability an integral part of its DNA, the company claims.

The report focuses on the areas of environmental protection and social care. La Sportiva has been a Bluesign Member since 2012. The following year, the company became a member of Eoca (European Outdoor Conservation Association). In 2016, it launched a new program for the reuse of rubber waste. In 2017, La Sportiva has introduced Mythos eco, a new version of the Mythos climbing shoe made with 95 percent metal-free and recycled materials. The company is increasing its use of the so-called Ecobond sole, a pre-glued PVC sole that does not require the application of any more glue during the assembly stage, leading to considerable savings on the glue used for each shoe. The company also claims the energy used to run its headquarters in Ziano di Fiemme comes entirely from certified renewable sources.

As for the social pillar of La Sportiva's CSR strategy, the report reveals that 93 percent of its 258 staff members have a full-time contract, and 94 percent have a permanent contract. Most of the staff have been hired locally (237 Italians). Women account for 57 percent of the workforce, and 62 percent of the new hires in 2016 were women. The report also transparently reveals details of the number and nature of accidents at work that occurred at the company. The number of accidents has consistently decreased since 2012, the company says. La Sportiva supports the local community and various social responsibility programs. In 2016, the company gave 460 square meters of waste leather from internal processing to Cooperativa Samuele, a local organization helping unemployed people. The waste leather was used to manufacture leather goods and objects worth nearly €7 million.

The full sustainability report is accessible through the environment section of La Sportiva website at