Sales were off by 18.7 percent to €132.2 million for the Lafuma Group in the first nine months of this year, with a 12.4 percent decline in local currencies.

Its new shareholders indicate that the drop was in line with its strategic plan, which gives priority to its profitability. No mention was made at this time, as usual, about the bottom line.

Saleswise, the worst performance was recorded at Oxbow, the surf brand of the group, whose revenues fell by 25.6 percent to €24.8 million. The Mountain & Outdoor segment's sales declined by 12.7 percent in constant currencies and by 14.0 percent in euros, down to €76.7 million. Camping furniture recorded a 3.0 percent increase to €30.7 million.

Sales in France declined more strongly than in the rest of the world. They were down by 14.8 percent to €74.3 million. Elsewhere, they decreased by 11.1 percent to €57.9 million, falling by 9.1 percent in local currencies.