In the first half of its financial year to March 31, the Lafuma Group's turnover fell to €102.7 million from €132.3 million in the previous year's period, a decline of 15.4 percent. The sales figure still includes €11.7 million generated by operations that were halted or are planned to be divested. Last autumn, the French company sold Le Chameau, the brand of hunting gear, and it intends to get rid of Ober, a brand of jeanswear.

By brands, the strongest decline came once again from Oxbow, the French surf brand, whose sales shrank by 35.2 percent to €17.6 million. The Lafuma brand lost 16.5 percent of its sales, down to €38.9 million, while Millet, Killy and Eider had a small decline of 3 percent to €46.2 million. Equipment and apparel sales under the Lafuma brand fell by 14.5 percent, but camping equipment declined even more by 18.8 percent. With a drop of 2.1 percent, the Eider brand performed better than Millet, which had a drop by 3.4 percent.

In geographical terms, the sales decline was particularly felt in the French domestic market where the group lost €10.2 million or 14.7 percent of its turnover in comparison with last year's period. Altogether, the group had sales of €59.2 million in the first six months of 2012-13. The operations that were discontinued, or are planned to be, accounted for €7.5 million of these sales in France, far more than the international business where Le Chameau and Ober contributed only €2.9 million to the total turnover.

In total, the group's sales outside France fell more steeply than the domestic ones. They declined by 16.2 percent, lowering the international turnover to €43.5 million. Revenues from other European countries dropped by 16.5 percent, while those from Asia decreased by only 7.1 percent.

In mid-March, the group had already anticipated a significant loss of turnover and announced a delay in its plans to raise its capital until further notice. The management intends to present a development plan for the future of the company next June, coinciding with the presentation of detailed figures for the first six months. The group expects lower total sales for the full financial year, but is hopeful that the situation will stabilize in the current quarter and the following ones.