The European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (EuroSIMA) and UNION sport & cycle, which represents 1,400 France-based businesses in the sports industry, have joined forces to give their combined 2,200 member companies more leverage, especially as these businesses deal with the current crisis. Through the new alliance, the two associations have committed to supporting members with regulatory and legal advice as well as to provide regular research on sports and consumption trends. Furthermore, starting this year, the members of EuroSIMA that operate in the action sports segment will be granted a double EuroSIMA-UNION sport & cycle membership. As part of the new strategic alliance, Jean-Louis Rodrigues, the chairman of EuroSIMA, has joined the board of UNION sport & cycle. The two organizations, which will maintain their independence as two separate bodies, hope to maximize their influence and span of action for the benefit of their members.