Almost exactly a year after pulling the plug on alpine tourism on Mount Everest, the Nepalese government plans to reopen the region – and Everest’s summit – to climbers. Nepal relies heavily on tourist dollars and was hit very hard by lockdowns and travel restrictions, leaving local guides and support teams without clients for about a year. Summit permits are already being sold, and record crowds are expected on the world’s highest peak, although questions remain about the health and safety of those who will venture there.

According to information from, Seven Summit Treks from Nepal is the first team to confirm a series of climbing expeditions for the spring. Other teams from Europe and the U.S. have also confirmed to head to the south side of Everest starting this spring. On the other hand, there are reportedly several companies from around the world that are playing it safe and focusing on 2022, when vaccines and improved treatment protocols will hopefully make travel safer.

Photo: © Kalle Kortelainen on Unsplash