In an open letter, the German Bicycle Industry Association (ZIV), the national lobby and service provider for the German and international bicycle industry, has written to the German government opposing a complete shutdown of the economy as a measure against the Corona pandemic. While ZIV fully recognizes the need for the measures taken so far by the German government to contain the Corona pandemic, including the current store closures, the association believes that a complete shutdown of industrial operations would not be proportionate and would have “a catastrophic impact” on the German economy. In addition, a halt in bicycle production would counteract the importance of bicycles and e-bikes in the Corona crisis as an infection-proof mode of transportation.

In addition to the second shutdown in Germany, which has since been tightened, an initiative of scientists, activists and health workers had called for a Europe-wide shutdown of the entire economy in the face of the worsening Corona situation under the hashtag #ZeroCovid in social media channels. In the eyes of the initiative, the costs for a complete shutdown should be absorbed by levies on high incomes.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the member companies of the ZIV have established comprehensive and strict hygiene concepts, which are continuously evaluated and further developed. These measures have protected employees at their workplaces in recent months and have so far prevented Corona outbreaks in the companies.

You can download the open letter (in German) as a PDF here.

Photo: © Markus Spiske on Unsplash