The It's Great Out There Coalition has announced a new partnership with Unsplash to promote the outdoors through an online photography community. Unsplash is a website where more than 60,000 photographers post their work openly and for everyone to use freely. Outdoor enthusiasts from around the world will submit inspirational photos showcasing the outdoors, and these images will form the Unsplash #itsgreatoutthere collection. The deadline for submission is Jan. 26. Members of the public can enter as many photos as they like. The Unsplash editorial team will review all the images and select the ones to appear on the #itsgreatoutthere collection page. The team will also pick 10 photos from that collection which will then be showcased on #itsgreatoutthere's social media channels as well as Unsplash's own Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The photos will also appear on the Unsplash homepage.