The U.S. and China have signed the “phase one” trade deal that was confirmed in December (see SGI Europe – Vol. 30 n°43, 44 Dec. 24, 2019) after a year and a half of back-and-forth tariff impositions. The deal covers intellectual-property rights, which China has been known to circumvent in a variety of ways, and ensures that China will increase its imports from the U.S. However, it does not remove current tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars in Chinese goods. These will remain in place until, at some unknown future date, China and the U.S. agree to “phase two.” The footwear and apparel industries are pleased but unsatisfied, as they would like to see all tariffs lifted. The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) of the U.S. has calculated that that the new “punitive” tariffs cost an additional $2.6 billion to the industry in 2019, exceeding $1 billion in September alone, when the Trump administration raised tariffs on hiking boots, ski jackets, tents and other products imported from China by a further 15 percentage points. Import duties on hiking boots have grown from 37.5 percent to 52.5 percent since the U.S. started using tariffs as a negotiating weapon with Beijing.