A British producer of “ultrafiltration” bottles and filters, called Lifesaver, exhibited at the OutDoor show for the first time last week to find distributors and retailers in the outdoor sector. It is entering the sector with new products for the camping and hiking markets a few months after the brand, its patents and its English production facilities were acquired by Icon Technology Systems, a key British provider of water filtration systems for the home and the office.

Lifesaver's system has been used until now mainly for humanitarian and institutional purposes. It was invented by a British entrepreneur, Michael Pritchard, who was seeking a solution to the problems caused by natural disasters such as the tsunami that devastated many countries bordering on the Indian Ocean in 2001.

Lifesaver claims its system removes bacteria, viruses and cysts by using of a manually operated pump to push the bad water through an ultrafine cartridge, producing better results than other systems, such as Waternlife's Lifestraw, where the user sucks the liquid.