This November, Mammut is doubling the number of its franchised stores in Switzerland from two to four (not counting various small points of sale in local climbing halls). On Nov. 11, store No. 3 opened in Lucerne on a selling surface of some 230 square meters. The store is run by Red Alpine Equipment, led by its managing directors, Raphael Nosetti and Mischa Palmers.

On Nov. 26, the largest Mammut store so far will open on a selling surface of 250 square meters on two floors in the heart of Bern. The door in the Swiss capital will be operated by Ice Age, which already acts as Mammut’s franchisee for the stores in Basel and Zurich.

Ice Age is an operation of Transa Backpacking, which is affiliated with Transa, Switzerland’s largest outdoor specialty retailer. Hamburg-based Globetrotter acquired a 25 percent minority stake in Transa last year. It is worth mentioning that Transa also controls a company called Outdoor Trading, which acts as its wholesale arm and currently operates eight Jack Wolfskin stores in the country. Since this year, Outdoor Trading has been in charge of Wolfskin’s mail-order business in Switzerland.

Mammut now also counts four franchised stores in Germany. After Berlin, Kempten and Bad Tölz, a new selling surface of 120 square meters has been inaugurated in Regensburg. Like the other shops, the Regensburg door is operated by a local retailer.