The outdoor segment of the Russian sporting goods market experienced strong growth in sales last year, to a large extent thanks to a cold winter in the 2020/21 season, and because during the winter months, more customers spent their vacations in Russia, Ilya Titarenko, distribution director of the Russian sporting goods retailer Sportmaster said.

“Besides, [travel] restrictions on the main sea destinations and outbound tourism contributed to the growth in sales of outdoor gear, as the popularity of camping jumped in 2020,” he explained. Titarenko added that sales dynamics were on the rise in all market segments. Sportmaster is represented in the outdoor market with its Outventure brand, which includes sportswear and footwear of a moderate price category. Most of the products are made in China. Outventure is available in all 520 Sportmaster’s stores in Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.

Sportmaster harbors plans to expand its product range in the outdoor segment in the nearest future, Titarenko said. “We bring to the market a new brand – Northland, which was created in the 1970s in Austria by the famous climber Gerwalt Pichler.” In addition, the company anticipates a further rise in the popularity of camping in Russia. “The trend for the [outdoor] tourism popularization will continue, though the market will experience significant pressure from other operators, including those from the sport and casual segments,” Titarenko forecasted.