The latest action announced by the It's Great Out There Coalition, which continues to grow, is a grant that has been awarded for an interesting project intended to provide evidence that the performance of disadvantaged children in their school education can be improved with more intense physical activity.

The project involves Reima, the Finnish brand of outdoor clothing for children, and the Rosendale Primary School in the borough of Lambeth near London, where 36 percent of the children are estimated to be living in poverty.

The project will monitor the levels of physical activity of the students in a class, using the Finnish company's ReimaGo sensors, and in another control class without sensors. The roles will be reversed halfway through the experiment to prevent any bias. The data will be complemented with input from parents and teachers.

The data will be assessed by an expert who will produce a report that will be added to research and qualitative data gathered by Reima during school visits to produce literature that is expected to encourage more schools around Europe to consider similar activities.

The participants in the project believe that physically active children are not only healthier but also do better academically, and that they are also more likely to be active as adults. English health authorities recommend that children between the ages of 5 and 18 should spend 60 minutes per day on moderate to vigorous physical activity, but only 15 percent of the girls and 22 percent of the boys achieve these targets.

Reima is one of the 23 founding members of the It's Great Out There Coalition, the international non-profit association initiated by the European Outdoor Group almost three years ago and headed up by Andrew Denton for the last 12 months. Berg Outdoor is the latest brand to have joined the coalition, bringing the total to 30 members.

The members' fees are used among other things to fund various projects. Any non-profit organization can apply for an #itsgreatoutthere grant of between €1,000 and €5,000. Grants will be awarded to initiatives that focus on grassroots projects that have been primarily developed to bring new participants into the outdoors.

The coalition has also secured new collaborations for its #itsgreatoutthere campaign with Klifbox and Operating out of France and the U.S., Klifbox is a digitally connected community of climbers with a network of 2.65 million unique visitors to its website and 625,000 Facebook fans.