Four national associations have recently given their support to the Sustainability Charter of the European Outdoor Group (EOG). They are the Spanish Sports Industry Association (Afydad), the Dutch Association of Sport Product Manufacturers and Wholesalers (FGHS), the Russian Outdoor Group and the Polish Outdoor Group.

All the members will soon have signed the EOG's Sustainability Charter at different levels of commitment. The Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG), Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV) in France and the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) of the U.K. have already adopted it.

The charter has also been approved by about three-fourths EOG's membership at various levels of commitment, including all the members of the SOG. Acknowledging that no single formula can apply to all of its members, the EOG intends its sustainability charter to be a set of guidelines for outdoor companies as they undertake a “voluntary journey” toward “good corporate citizenship and responsibility.”