Mover, the Swiss-owned ski apparel brand, has sealed a licensing and distribution agreement with Cionti, a rapidly expanding Italian supplier and owner of sports and leisure apparel brands. While the five-strong Mover team in Lausanne will focus on design and marketing, Cionti will organize the production of Mover apparel ranges, and their distribution in markets where Mover is not yet represented.

Earlier last year Nicolas Rochat, Mover’s Swiss owner, sold 10 percent of the company to Renée Zecha, an investment banker based in Singapore. Rochat retained the remaining 90 percent of Mover, and his latest deal with Cionti does not include any shares in the company.

Named after Alfredo Cionti, an Italian entrepreneur from the fashion sector, Cionti is a Milan-based company that has been very successful with development of the Avirex brand of casualwear in Europe and that recently acquired the Postcard and Belfe brands. Furthermore, it arranges production for Dainese, Prada Sport and many other brands at the upper end of the market. This matches the strategy conducted by Mover’s owner in the last few years, to target the higher end of the sports, leisure and travel markets.

Cionti has distribution partners in about 15 countries around Europe, and in the United States, Canada and Japan. It could open up many new markets for Mover, although the brand will continue to work with its existing partners in cases where these arrangements have proved efficient. (Read more in the upcoming issue of Sporting Goods Intelligence Europe.)