Tom Ceulemans has been hired by Nemo Equipment to serve as its first European sales manager, reporting to a newly appointed vice president of global sales, Mike Welch. Both have already been connected with the rather original American brand of camping equipment, which has been growing rapidly in recent years, reaching a global turnover estimated at around $25 million.

As in its logo, Nemo is normally written in capital letters, NEMO, because it stands for New England Mountain Outfitters. But as with all other companies, we don't use capital letters because the name is pronounced as one word.

Based in Belgium, Ceulmans is leaving Zopfi to concentrate on the development of Nemo all over Europe. During the past four years, he had been working for Zopfi, Nemo's sales agency for Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, representing this brand and six others in Zopfi's portfolio, including Lundhags in the Benelux countries and the U.K., and Heimplanet and HydroFlask in Benelux.

The idea is to accelerate Nemo's growth in Europe by establishing an appropriate European sales and distribution network in the region, and building and maintaining relations with local distributors, sales agencies and key accounts. Nemo will not have a stand at Ispo Munich, but Ceulemans will be available for appointments there. He says his priority will be to find qualified agents and distributors for the German and U.K. markets.

Nemo uses a third-party warehouse in Rotterdam to service its European clients. It already has distributors in France and the Scandinavian countries. Its products are currently sold in about 150 stores in Europe, including those of the AS Adventure chain in Belgium, Bever in the Netherlands and Globetrotter in Germany. In fact, Ceulemans started in the outdoor sector as an assistant store manager and personnel coach at AS Adventure.

As for Welch, he is credited with achieving “extraordinary” results in North America with his sales strategies and channel management since he joined Nemo in 2016. With the brand's international sales doubling over the past year, he is now also taking over responsibility for the international market from Brent Merriam, starting on Feb. 1. Merriam will concentrate on his other job as Nemo's chief operating officer,

Based in New Hampshire, Nemo has won more than 60 product awards for its designs since it was founded by Cam Brensinger in 2002. Its spring/summer 2019 line includes among other items a new patent-pending Flybar pole to add interior volume in its ultralight tents, a new patent-pending multivalve system for its sleeping pads and a lighter, more compressible synthetic insulation construction for its sleeping bags.