Vista Outdoor has announced a new segmentation of its recently enlarged brand portfolio, appointing new managers to run its different operations. Kelly Grindle, who remains as president of Outdoor Products, will oversee three new market areas: Outdoor Recreation, Sport Protection and Hunting & Shooting Accessories.

Outdoor Recreation will comprise Camelbak and Jimmy Stykes along with the cycling brands recently acquired by the group: Bell, Blackburn and C-Preme. Jessica Klodnicki, the former general manager of the cycling brands, will act as vice president for the whole Outdoor Recreation segment.

In this context, Layne Rigney will resign after Sept. 13 as president of Camelbalk to pursue other opportunities. She has been with the company for a decade, moving up to the president's role after the resignation last year of its longtime chief executive, Sally McCoy. Furthermore, Wim de Jager, Vista's director of watersports, who is responsible for the Jimmy Stykes brand of paddle boards, will report to Klodnicki.

The Sport Protection segment will comprise Vista's brands of sports helmets and eyewear, including Bollé, Cébé, Serengeti, Giro, Bell/Blackburn/C-Preme and Bell Powersports. The unit will be run by another vice president, Greg Shapleigh, who formerly acted as vice president for Giro, Bollé and Cébé.

A new vice president in charge of Hunting & Shooting Accessories will be named shorty. Presumably, that unit will also include Bushnell, which previously belonged to the Optics segment together with Bollé, Cébé and Serengeti.