Norrøna came home from the 2015 Norwegian Retail Conference with the Retailer of the Year award. While it may seem strange that a vendor wins a prize aimed at retailers, it was Norrøna Retail that got it because of the company's own retail operations. 

The Retailer of the Year award is presented to the company that has achieved the highest degree of success in an industry challenged by major brands, as well as by e-commerce. The jury believed that Norrøna Retail mastered the art of raising simultaneously revenues and profits, generating an impressive profitability as compared to its competitors in the sporting goods sector.

This is the second consecutive year that a sporting goods company has won the Norwegian retail award. Last year it was XXL, the country's leading sporting goods retailer. Norrøna Retail had a turnover of about 120 million Norwegian kroner (€13.1m-$14.8m) through its ten stores in Norway and the three that it operates in Sweden.