Odlo, the Swiss specialty brand for underwear and cross-country as well as outdoor apparel, has selected Oy Micky as the new distributor of its products in Finland. Oy Micky is already in charge of the Finnish market for Columbia Sportswear and Mountain Hardwear, replacing Exel, which now distributes Bjørn Dæhlie, the former brand of Odlo, in the country.

Bjørn Dæhlie is one reason Odlo is reshuffling its distribution in Norway, too. The company used to have a subsidiary there, but its managing director, Trond Ristvedt, switched to Bjørn Dæhlie to run its business in the country. Therefore, Odlo has recently made a deal with Sport 1, the buying group that has bought Sportshuset, who is now exclusive partner of the Swiss in Norway. Sport 1 operates stores under the same name as well as under Skandinavisk Høyfjellsutstyr, an outdoor retail chain that formerly belonged to the Swedish Fenix Outdoor group.

Odlo's next step over next few months is to target the Swedish market where the brand has basically not been present so far and where it is looking for a distributor. The company supports its sales by numerous sponsoring activities, including the sponsorship of both the Norwegian and the Finnish biathlon teams. The top athlete supported by Odlo is Norway's biathlon legend Ole Einar Bjørndalen.