Patagonia has unveiled a new collection made of recycled materials, from the insulation to the outer layers. The so-called Recollection includes shirts, fleece vests, a coat, a hooded pullover, men's pants and a skirt. The items are made from 100 percent recycled down, 100 percent recycled wool and 100 percent recycled polyester. The collection also features 85 percent recycled polyester labels, 80 percent recycled zippers and 50 percent recycled buttons.

The recycled down, which Patagonia describes as “the cornerstone of the collection,” is a mix of 600-fill-power goose and duck down recovered from used items that cannot be resold. According to the company, it offers the same performance as virgin down.

Patagonia's recycled wool is made from discarded woollen sweaters, which are shred into a usable fiber that will make up 60 percent of the new garment, to be combined with 30 percent recycled polyester and 10 percent recycled nylon for improved durability.

Finally, the recycled polyester is made from used plastic bottles, worn-out garments - including Patagonia's own products - and unusable manufacturing waste. Fully-recycled polyester is especially used to make high-loft fleece, face fabrics, smooth liners and drawcords.