Point 65, a Swedish kayak company, has expanded its product line by acquiring Boblbee, a company known for its backpacks with hard cases. The founder of Point 65, Richard Öhman, said that the deal is the company's first step in transitioning to become a global outdoor brand.

All of Boblbee's operations have already been incorporated into the Point 65 organization. In the future, the backpacks will also be marketed under the Point 65 brand. The distribution of the backpacks will be managed by Point 65 in all markets except Sweden. Therefore, the company is on the lookout for experienced outdoor distributors who could take over sales of Point 65 backpacks.

Reportedly, things are going well for Point 65 at the moment, with good sales of its foldable kayaks in foreign markets, which make up 80 per cent of its turnover.