Primus, the Swedish brand of stoves belonging to the Fenix Outdoor group, has appointed a second distributor in the Benelux countries to deal with the family camping and caravan market. The brand has already been sold to outdoor retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium since 2002 by Robijns, a specialist distributor with a raft of outdoor-related brands, from Julbo to Katadyn, Sugoi, Suunto and more. Robijns has multiplied the sales of Primus five-fold in the Benelux, benefiting from the sharp sales decline of MSR and the launch of Primus accessories. Primus has become the leading supplier of outdoor stoves in the Benelux. While Robijns will continue to sell Primus in outdoor stores, such as Bever Zwerfsport and Zwerfkei, the Swedish company has appointed another partner, Van Assendelft-Hollander Bogaert, to sell cheaper stoves in out-of-town stores targeting family campers – a large and distinct market in the Benelux. This has traditionally been dominated by Campingaz, but Primus recently launched a range of stoves at prices starting from less than €30 to compete in this market, compared with a price of nearly €200 for the “Omnifuel,” the best-selling Primus stove distributed in outdoor stores. Based in Breda, Van Assendelft-Hollander Bogaert is a wholesaler dealing with a spate of brands from Coleman to Victorinox and many more.