Since Amer Sports was acquired by Chinese sporting goods multi Anta Sports in 2019, the Finns (following the Mavic sale in mid-2019) have had only one bike product left in their portfolio. Now Enve Composites, one of the leading exponents of the finest carbon bicycle wheelsets and components among carbon fans, is expanding its business with a carbon road bike custom frame handmade in the U.S., which is to be sold in the 56-centimeter frame size (2,258 grams) through the company website and a few select specialty bike retailers in the U.S. for $7,000 (€5,950). That brings a custom runabout built with other Enve parts to a total price of just under $10,000 to $12,500 (€8,500 to €10,600). 

According to Enve, the measurement and parts customization tool featured on the website is still a beta version. The tool is designed to guide U.S. customers (only domestic orders will be accepted initially) step-by-step to their carbon dream bike. After selecting fit, geometry, color and components, a final click is all it takes to reserve a production slot for a hand-built Enve Custom Road Bike. Prior to production, Enve asks for some additional information. During this personal consultation, the fit is analyzed in detail once again and the appropriate component selection is finalized.

Reservations for the custom road program will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The first deliveries are scheduled to take place in May.