With the ”Zolid Pro,” Evil Eye is offering a new multi-sport eyewear model available from both optometrists and specialist sports retailers. Like all sports eyewear from the young brand by Silhouette International, the new model is also available with optical lenses, despite its strongly curved frame.

The Austrian company Silhouette International launched the new premium sports eyewear brand Evil Eye last summer. Silhouette has 25 years of experience in the production of athletic eyewear and was the producer of Adidas’ eyewear collection for many years. Attentive connoisseurs of the market will quickly associate the name Evil Eye with Adidas Eyewear, because a model with this name was part of the Adidas Eyewear portfolio until Adidas ended its partnership with Silhouette in mid-2019, moving production to the Italian company Marcolin. Since then, well-known model names – including the Evil Eye – have disappeared from Adidas’ collection.

Silhouette has been going its own way after the discontinuation of the Adidas collaboration and introduced the Evil Eye brand to the sports eyewear market. The new brand, according to the manufacturer, is intended to set new standards in terms of quality and performance, based on the company’s 55 years of experience in the premium eyewear segment and over 25 years in the manufacture of sports eyewear. All Evil Eye sports glasses are produced at the company’s headquarters in Linz, Austria. They are made of a flexible, extremely light yet robust material called PPX. Silhoutte claims that PPX guarantees a non-slip, pressure-free and secure fit; a special traction grip structure at the temple ends prevents the glasses from slipping.

The first collection of Evil Eye was available in October 2019 in Germany and Switzerland, and shortly afterward in Austria. Silhouette International also develops and produces the Silhouette and Neubau (non-sports) eyewear brands.

Source: Evil Eye

Zolid Pro