Austrian avalanche transceiver manufacturer Pieps, like Black Diamond part of U.S.-based Clarus Corp., has launched a “voluntary product correction” initiative to improve the product safety of its DSP series avalanche beacons. In connection with the program, the company says, “Pieps has conducted extensive evaluations of the safety and performance of the affected products, including internal and third-party testing. The results conclude that the products comply with international standards, are properly designed, and perform as intended. Nevertheless, Pieps has recently developed a hardcase carrying system to be used with the DSP Pro, DSP Pro Ice and DSP Sport that the transceivers can only be used when set and locked in the ‚send’ position.”

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All customers are urged to stop using DSP series devices immediately and contact the manufacturer to obtain the new hardcase carrying system. DSP series beacons should only be used with the new hardcase carrying system. This voluntary product improvement measure only affects the DSP Pro, DSP Pro Ice and DSP Sport beacons. Information on how to identify your product can be found here. The voluntary product improvement measure does not affect any other Pieps beacons or products. Further info is available at