Polygiene and Storm Care have collaborated to develop an odor control spray, that works on a number of different odors including body odors, cooking fumes, smoke and other environmental fumes and odors.


Based on the 100% natural Polygiene Odorcrunch™ technology, the new spray can be used on all textiles and is designed to help consumers extend the useful life of their products and avoid unnecessary washing.
We talked to Haymo Strubel, Global Category Director of Polygiene Group, and Tim Wilson, CEO and owner of Storm Care about the new collaboration.

Before we talk about the details of the spray, I want to know how this collaboration came about? Polygiene and Storm Care both work in the same industry and are actually competitors?

Tim Wilson: Storm is an industry leader for aftercare products partnered by the largest brands and had the outside of everything for sportswear covered by developing innovative and protective product solutions to enhance the life of gear - so when we began talking with Polygiene we saw a natural partnership of like minds to lead the way in a new area of freshness.

Why was this interesting for you?

Haymo Strubel: We were considering a spray for some time now as we have had several customers approach us with the request to have our patented award-winning Polygiene OdorCrunch™ technology available as a spray. Polygiene OdorCrunch™ is a 100% natural technology that removes environmental odors from textiles. A great way to wash less and preserve the products themselves.

The requests came from a variety of companies from the high fashion apparel segment, also footwear companies and even cruise ships and theaters have been asking.

What exactly does the spray do?

Haymo: The Storm Spray, powered by Polygiene OdorCrunch™ will inhibit different kinds of body- and environmental odors in materials.

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Odor molecules are adsorbed, broken down (“crunched”) and released as odorless molecules. That makes it ideal for all different kinds of applications from head-to-toe. You can spray your footwear, accessories, such as gloves, helmets or protectors and garments as well.

There are already textiles with odor-inhibiting finishes on the market. Why do we need a spray now?

Tim: Firstly, not all textiles and leathers are treated with a finish during manufacture – and not all consumers are currently aware of the opportunity of this existing odor-control technology. With this “stand-alone” we can create direct awareness for this important product topic and existing technology. So, both, the odor-inhibiting treatments as well as the spray do have a relevance and can complement each other on the journey to a more sustainable and caring lifestyle.
The market potential is immense for this freshness technology - especially in these days, when it is important to treat your products with care and keep them in the “life cycle” as long as possible in order to reduce the enormous amount of raw materials used in production.
And of course, the second-hand market and the potential and relevancy for this market is also a big topic.

Why is it that we know of such finishes, but not yet a spray, which would actually make total sense? Was it a problem to develop a spray?

Haymo: It took us some time to scan the market and find the right aftercare partner for us. At Polygiene, we stand for “Mindful Living” and we needed a partner with a similar mindset. We wanted to have the best-in-class product in performance as well as sustainability. In Storm Care we did find the perfect partner. Our OdorCrunch is a natural and very sustainable solution, produced in Europe, whereas Storm’s spray cans are made of 100% recycled aluminum with a local European production to keep the overall footprint of the final product minimal.

How long does the effect of the spray last and is it as good as a treatment of a fabric in the production phase?

Haymo: In general, we recommend treating a fabric at production stage. This way we can control application levels and guarantee maximum longevity. This is often done by our brand partners for apparel. However, there are still a lot of items out there that are not treated but also need to get an extended life plus there are a lot of items out there where a treatment in production is not possible or not economical. For those, we can now offer a solution.
The spray offers a great alternative and, if applied correctly by the user, will make a significant difference. And those who have tried the spray already, know the difference.

Can the spray be used on all types of fabrics?

Tim Wilson CEO Storm Care

Source: Storm Care

Tim: Yes. And it is tested on synthetics and naturals, we are treating dive suits and we are also exploring the leather market. The spray is also suitable for footwear and accessories such as hats, helmets and gloves. With its multifunction applications we expect interest in the treatment of dog blankets, too.

Who is the product aimed at and what is the distribution like?

Tim: It is definitely a product for end consumers that should be available on the market for them soon – in cooperation with partners and brands.
From a Storm perspective we are more than happy to look at distribution partners and larger retailers to partner with on this program.

Where, how and when do you want to place the spray in the market?

Tim: The initial samples have been shown at trade shows in Europe and the USA and are currently undergoing trials with various individuals. The application possibilities of the spray, especially in sports but also in other textile segments, are unlimited and we are expecting to see first products in the marketplace before Easter prior to us continuing to offer them globally to all sports and lifestyle companies worldwide.

How can you be sure that the spray is not harmful to the skin?

Haymo: Our OdorCrunch technology has undergone several independent tests, whether as a treatment itself or within a treated textile or now as the Storm OdorCrunch Spray. The most recent skin irritation test at Hohenstein Laboratories has proven again that our OdorCrunch technology shows absolutely no skin irritation potential.

How does the spray help with a more sustainable lifestyle?

Haymo Strubel, Polygiene

Source: Polygiene

Haymo: Often products are washed or dry cleaned because of smells, not because they are dirty. Our OdorCrunch technology prevents different kinds of smells from body odors to smoke and kitchen smells, making it a product that can be widely used across products to prevent unnecessary cleaning. This will save energy, water, detergents and even microplastics being released into the water.
To be even more extreme: every year, about 10kg of textile is discarded for every person on earth. In many cases, this is due to bad smells in textiles. If your shoes stink every time you take them off, you will probably not put them on again, even if they are still fine to wear. You could also think of the expensive Merino sweater you would never even consider washing but you can also no longer wear because of its kitchen smell. These are things we can now help prevent and solve with the Storm Spray, powered by Polygiene OdorCrunch. However, I would not only stress the sustainability aspect but also people’s wellbeing. Wearing or using items that smell fresh increases your confidence, this is for sure.

How did you also consider sustainability in the production of the spray?

Tim: Sustainability should be at the forefront of everybody’s mind today which is why six years ago we sought out a premium European manufactured non-plastic bottle that is infinitely recyclable and refillable. This lowers the product carbon footprint, and it forms part of the Storm future business ethos program.

Haymo or Tim, are there any other plans to come?

Haymo: We are thinking of increasing the range of products, probably later in the year for a 2024 launch as we already have enquiries for additional developments that would enhance new market possibilities even further.

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