With launch partner Patagonia, W.L. Gore is introducing into its autumn/winter 2023 line two new two-layer Gore-Tex laminates with Bionic textile face fabrics made from plastic waste collected from seacoasts. Gore has invested in Bionic’s plastic recovery and sorting facility in Cóbano, Costa Rica, and is providing materials-science and supply-chain expertise, to help produce a robust, scalable supply chain and local recycling infrastructure in the Costa Rican communities. Additionally, Gore and Bionic are using the tagline “stronger thread, greater good” to showcase the collective action that brands and consumers are taking through community environmental activities in Costa Rica. 

All of the new laminates will:

  • be made with Gore’s new ePE membrane and 100 percent recycled Bionic polyester textile fabric (half sourced from plastic waste from Bionic operations in coastal communities, half sourced from municipal collections)
  • be certified as abiding by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS)
  • be waterproof and windproof/breathable and carry the brand’s waterproof guarantee

W.L.Gore’s partnership with Bionic has been going on for years, making a leap forward with the investment in the Costa Rica facility in 2020. Long-term Gore customer Patagonia will introduce the first products featuring the new laminates with recycled Bionic textile fabric. Other Gore-Tex customers will follow.