Following its first German brand store in Berlin last year, Canada Goose is now ready to open its second store in the coming weeks, corona regulations permitting, in Frankfurt. The store will span two floors at Frankfurt’s downtown Rathenauplatz and will be the fifth Canada Goose store in Europe to date. The brand opened its first European location in London in late 2017, followed by the stores in Paris and Milan in 2019. All current Canada Goose stores are located in premium shopping locations, in close proximity to top luxury stores.

A useful feature of the new Frankfurt store will be the „cold room.” The 7.6-square-meter fitting room will allow customers to test the product in the northern environment for which it is intended. Temperatures in the room drop as low as -25 degrees Celsius, while snow is simulated to create arctic weather conditions in the room and enhance the real-life experience. 

Just like the other European brand stores, art and culture from Canada’s indigenous Inuit people are displayed throughout the store to emphasize the Toronto-based brand’s northern heritage.