Edelrid, a specialist in alpine and professional climbing equipment based in Southwest Germany, is going online with a comprehensive new offering for information and training around its products.

The digital Brand Room for retailers, which spearheads Edelrid’s digital offensive, is service-oriented and “focused on real life-questions.” It features a media library with images, campaigns and information, a Dealer Academy with training videos and a digital showroom to dive deeper into each product. Also integrated into the Brand Room is a B2B store offering online order options.

Open to the public is the Knowledge Base, which is aimed at professionals and amateurs looking for information and expertise on the topics of safety and climbing equipment. In addition, an Edelrid Gear Pilot app for the maintenance, regular inspection and documentation of belay products by professionals and retail services such as climbing gyms, parks, mountain guides and retail stores is available for both Mac and Android devices.

Accompanied by a program of analog and physical workshops integrated into the Edelrid Academy, the company aims to manifest its position as a leader in safety equipment for all those who spend time in the vertical world, whether for professional or recreational reasons.

The Edelrid website is currently available in German, English and Chinese.