Sport-Tech/Rui-Yi-Lin, a company based near Heidelberg, Germany, and established as a sales agency as well as a supplier of non-branded tents (for buying groups such as Intersport and Sport 2000) and their own tent offerings under the brand Tentastic, has taken over distribution of the new tent brand Tambu. Coming out of Germany as well, the new tent manufacturer started its business in 2020 and concentrates on mid-priced tents in different sizes. Sustainability in hardware is on the agenda for the brand: the tent fabrics are made from recycled polyester, and a sustainable solution for the poles (that are standard aluminum or fiberglass at the moment) is in the works for 2023. To date, Sport-Tech is the only distributor for Tambu and delivers mainly into Germany, Austria and Switzerland region, but offers to serve other countries, too, using the Tambu warehouse near Cologne.

Besides Tambu, Sport-Tech has been distributing Zempire tents from New Zealand since summer 2021 and Klymit from the U.S. Before getting on board with the new brand, the agency was the distributor of Scottish brand Vango for roughly 15 years. The 350-sqm showroom in Hirschberg was established as a Vango presentation site in 2019.