Swedish company Hövding, maker of an airbag for bicyclists, is investing in the Norwegian market by forming a partnership with Hartmanns Oslo AS, a sports and fashion distributor catering to the Scandinavian markets. Hövding expects the partnership to increase the brand’s presence in Norway and facilitate sales in the market.

“Entering into a partnership with an established distributor in Norway is a strategic decision and will enable us to better reach the Norwegian market. With Hartmann’s help, we will increase our presence and the world’s safest head protection for cyclists will reach a wider audience,” said Fredrik Johansson, international sales manager at Hövding.

According to the company, sales of Hövding’s airbag for cyclists have increased significantly in recent years and there are more than 380,000 Hövding products on the roads around Europe today. Interest in Hövding is also growing in Norway.

“We see great potential in Hövding and are looking forward to this cooperation. Cycling is something that is on the rise both in Norway and the rest of the world. We are already working with strong brands and now welcome Hövding, which is a unique product,” said Reidar Hartmann of Hartmanns.